Division One Solutions specializes in providing IT staffing support within a variety of industries.  The dynamics of the hiring process have changed due to a demanding job market along with a shortage of skilled IT professionals.  “Average” is no longer good enough.  Companies are now looking for top level talent and it's our job to attract these people to our network.  Our objective is to grow a network of skilled IT professionals who can leverage each other's knowledge and abilities to better their professional careers.  We also seek to improve the overall recruitment process of IT professionals.  If you believe the phrase “it's not always what you know but who you know,” then please consider joining our team.  Our focus will not just be on your next job, but rather on the evolution of your professional career.  A seasoned sales and recruiting staff will be responsible for ensuring that opportunities brought to your attention are clearly defined and in line with your career objectives.  Please take a moment to review our current opportunities.

Experience the Division One Difference
The number one complaint when applying for jobs is the lack of response applicants receive once they apply for a job. All jobs on our website are updated daily. Apply for a job through our website and WE WILL FOLLOW UP WITH YOU WITHIN 48 HOURS. Our reputation and effective screening process have given us the credibility required to get you in front of the hiring manager within 2 to 5 days of passing our evaluation process. Our focus is on CREATING A DIRECT RELATIONSHIP with the people making the hiring decisions. If it is determined that you are a fit for the position, YOUR RESUME WILL BE REVIEWED BY THE END CLIENT. We pride ourselves in the ability to:
   1.  Have a clear understanding of the job opportunity presented
   2.  Clearly explain these opportunities to perspective candidates
   3.  Evaluate the skills of prospective candidates as they relate to the job opportunities
   4.  Constantly update both the client and candidate on exactly where things stand in the
        hiring process

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